3 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Naturally

 3 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Naturally, How to reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally at Home, Tips to Control Blood Pressure

High BP : Blood Pressure is also one of the health problems that plague us in present times. It affects everyone regardless of age. Many of us are affected by BP due to our changed lifestyle. If BP is affected, we have to take medicines for the rest of our life. Many people are looking to lower their BP without the need for medication. But experts say that by making changes in our lifestyle and food habits,

 we can reduce BP naturally very easily. By following these  3 tips, we can gradually reduce the use of medicines which will not only prevent BP but also control BP gradually. But now let's know how to lower BP naturally. 

1) We use a lot of salt in cooking for flavoring. But experts say salt is BP's main enemy. We consume 10 to 25 grams of salt daily. All the salt that enters the body gets into the blood vessels and accumulates on the walls of the blood vessels. Due to this, the blood vessels do not dilate properly and it gradually leads to BP. High BP So salt intake should be completely reduced.

 2)  potassium helps us a lot in lowering BP. Therefore, you should eat foods rich in potassium daily. People suffering from BP problem should eat only fruits in the morning and evening without any other snacks. Experts say that by taking this BP can be reduced to a great extent. There is no need to use salt in fruits. Also the potassium present in them is very helpful in reducing BP. After taking this for 15 days, sprouted seeds should be taken along with fruits in the morning breakfast. But only fruits should be taken in evening meal. These fruits should also be taken before 7 pm. By taking this, the sodium accumulated in the blood vessels will be removed. Blood vessel dilation will increase and BP will be controlled.By making these dietary changes, we can get rid of BP problem very quickly. 

3)  exercise should be done every morning for one hour. Exercises should be done to increase oxygen intake. As oxygen goes in, blood circulation improves. Also walk for another hour after evening meal. By doing this BP will be controlled. Similarly stress and anxiety should be avoided. Pranayama and yoga should be done to reduce stress. Experts suggest that by following these tips we can gradually get rid of BP problem very easily and by following these tips we can avoid BP.