Foods to Avoid - Foods That Dangerous Than Smoking -

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People eat their favorite foods everyday without considering that they are not good for health and Many people in the world die from not eating a proper diet and A person who walked well before our eyes yesterday may be lying in bed today because of eating unhealthy junk foods and  By following a good  healthy lifestyle and avoiding junk foods that are harmful to health can a  maintain a healthy body and many health problems can be avoided. 

 These junk foods are more dangerous than cigarettes 

-  Health experts say that these high-fat junk foods are as dangerous as smoking cigarettes and Daily consumption of mainly street side junk foods can lead to various health problems. This is because the low-quality, oily oil used in these can have adverse health effects. Eating these foods is very harmful to your health. 

-  Studies have shown that mainly body weight is often seen as a problem of obesity and diseases like heart problems, diabetes, fatty liver, malignant cancer are also more likely to occur. So avoiding foods like junk food can avoid all these diseases. Junk food is as dangerous as smoking 

- Health experts have recently given shocking news that the life expectancy of those who eat junk food daily is gradually decreasing! The main reason for this.. As mentioned above, many diseases are seen in people today like food items with high oil content, carbonated drinks with artificial sugar, food items fried in poor quality oil. 

-   food items which do not have any nutrients can have adverse effects on health just like smoking on a daily basis. 

 - If you focus more on food items like junk food, the body's immune system will also decrease in the coming days. -So that there is no risk of small diseases turning into big ones. 

 - As mentioned earlier, the high level of fat in junk food increases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. - Due to this, heart problems along with diabetes and blood pressure diseases also appear very quickly in humans.

- Adopting such unhealthy foods can lead to health problems seen in regular smokers and drinkers.

- Avoid packaged foods as much as possible. For example, packaged snacks, bread, parotta, fruit juice available in tetra packets etc. -Such foods are high in low quality oil content, artificial sugar and processed foods. These are very dangerous for health.

-  It is better not to use Maida flour in any other food items. Also it is better to stay away from low quality butter, cheese or other unhealthy ingredients. 

 - Most importantly we should take food keeping our body weight in mind.